A Look at the Press – 10-19-2011

Today the issue I see in front of me is what the press is publishing, specifically, a section of the Orlando Sentinel, which is called, ‘Ticked-Off’. I will write a couple of the messages that were published. This day, the main thought had to do with the subject of evolution.
1. To the creationist dimwit: Creationism itself is just at theory the same way evolution is. The problem is, though, there’s far more hard evidence supporting evolution than there is supporting creationism. Think about it. Oh, that’s right, you’re a creationist and you don’t think.
2. I’m ticked off at the nincompoop fighting evolution by saying it’s a “theory”. Gravity is a theory. I’d bet you’d fall if you tripped- and that’s not just a theory.
3. To the creationist nincompoop: If evolution isn’t consistent with your religion, you need another religion.
My notes: It looks like the same person probably sent in those messages as the flavor of them was very similar (nincompoop used twice, same topic). I am ticked-off because I have sent in messages and they never got published, but this one got published at least 2 times in the same day (I think all 3 of them came from the same person). This person is very ignorant of a couple of facts concerning evolution and creationists. First, he thinks there is hardcore evidence for evolution’s proof. Second, he thinks that creationists don’t think. I think we should put something out there on this Ticked-off section of the newspaper. Oh, but I forgot, they wouldn’t publish it anyway. I think somebody is going to receive a letter from me! The end.


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