The Fruitfly-God’s Design

Have you ever watched creatures that live outside or in the wild? It is fascinating to watch how they live and survive. This week I had a bag of food scraps on my countertop to turn into compost, and have not had the time to take the bag out to the garden. Well, nature, as God designed it, took its course. I noticed these teeny-tiny things flying around the top of the bag as soon as I would put more food scraps in it. At first, I thought they were soap bubbles. But every time I put more food scraps in the bag, I noticed more of them. I believe they were beginning to multiply!
I would think about these little bugs and realized that no one brought them inside my house because I have a bag of food scraps waiting for them to devour. It is almost the perfect environment for them to thrive in. No one told them where to come. It was built inside of them. It is called, ‘instinct’. They know instinctively where to go to find food. God put that inside them for their survival. The bag of food scraps now was in the beginning stages of being composted, thanks to the little fruit-flies.
Now the food scraps are out in the garden and the most amazing thing happens to the compost. In order for the compost to help make the soil fertile, it has to be broken down. Thousands of tiny bugs and micro-organisms are now going to invade the compost pile. They will eat the rotting compost and cause it to decompose. Then it will be filled with nutrients to feed the future plants with. That is how plants get the nourishment they need to grow, and in turn, as we eat the plants (in the form of vegetables and fruit), we get the nourishment that was made from the activity of the insects and micro-organisms that helped decompose it.
God is a God of order and design. Nothing is wasted. Everything has a purpose. God created plants to serve mankind, and He uses bugs and other small creatures to help make the plant food. Nobody has to tell the bugs what to do, because God placed in them the instinct to do whatever they need to survive, even coming inside my house to find the rotting food. It is all very amazing.


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