Are Human Beings the Highest Form of Life?

I have always had a fascination with the human body and genetics. I find it amazing that cats don’t give birth to puppies, and that fish don’t give birth to bears. The human eye is fascinating. I haven’t seen a real human being with one eye in the center of the forehead, as in Cyclops.
I was watching a group of people singing and noticing how each person has a mouth, and the mouth is in just the right place on the body. Noise comes from the throat, and is formed into words through the mouth. I didn’t see any mouths placed on a person’s back. Each person had a set of legs to help them stand up. Each person had lungs inside their body so that air could be taken in. The oxygen helps the body to work and is necessary for survival. Every person has a set of ears. One is on each side of the head. There is order on every physical body. What if the ear was on top of the foot? That would indicate disorder.
Even animals have eyes in the correct place on their body. Every part of the animal’s body has a function and is in the right place to help correspond with its function.
Now for the questions. Did you ask to be born? How about where you were born? Or what family you were born into? Did you get to choose what color eyes you have, or the color of your hair? How about deciding if you were a boy or girl? Those are decisions that are made, that we had no choice in.
Can you turn off the desires of the physical body when you want to? Or are they part of a bigger picture that has to do with survival of the human race?
Can you control when you will die or what you will die from? Sure, you could commit suicide and that would be a form of control in that decision. But you would still lose, because death is bigger than you. You will die one way or another. Can you control where you spend eternity? There are decisions you can make that will show what your heart is responding to. If you know God, and He is bigger than you, you will spend eternity with Him. If you reject God, you will spend eternity without Him in the Lake of Fire.
There are decisions you can make that will affect many things. God has given us the ability to do many things. But He is the only one that gives life and He gets to call the shots. Turn to Him now and let go of your selfish life. Trust in the blood of Christ to wash away your sins. With repentance and faith, God promises to be with us and to make us ready for eternity with Him. Listen to Him now and respond to His call.


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