Interesting Wonders

Here are some interesting wonders. I will write more as I think of more.

1. No two snowflakes are alike
2. No two fingerprints are alike
3. Fish that live in the depths of the deep ocean floors have built in flashlights
4. The Fibonacci sequence
5. The colors of the rainbow are found on bubbles
6. the human immunity system
7. God is uncreated
8. the eye is like a camera
9. Bees dance around a flower to communicate
10. Certain animals can be camouflaged to blend in with the background for protection from predators. (Some even look like a flower!)


1 Comment

  1. Awestruck said,

    January 4, 2012 at 5:06 am

    To me, one of the most fascinating ones is the flashlights that are built into the fish that live in the deep oceans. Also, no one has to teach bees to dance in order to communicate. It is instinctive. Geese always form a V pattern when flying. Birds that migrate can find the same places to visit as they make their yearly trips! Many of them travel up and down the North and South American continents. Also, a dog’s ability to detect scent is amazing. Some people have tried to get rid of their dogs and have taken them far away only to have the dogs return to their homes because of their ability to find the home using their scent recognition.

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