Relationships of People in the Bible

I find it interesting to read about the interactions of people in the Bible. We have both the stories of Paul’s conversion and Peter’s call to Christ. Yet these two men did not meet until many years later in the context of the church. Paul tells of an incidence in which he was angry with Peter and rebuked him. Yet in one of Peter’s epistles, he had kind words to say about Paul, and explained to his readers that Pau’s writings were hard to understand. It just doesn’t seem logical that if someone just made up the Bible, specifically the New Testament, that the comments of these two men would even be there.
But even more interesting are the people who knew those in the New Testament personally. There was Ignatius, who probably was a child when Jesus was carrying out His ministry on earth. Ignatius did write many things about his interaction with Jesus’ family, and he looked forward to being with them when the opportunities came up. There has been speculation that Ignatius was one of the little children that sat on Jesus’ lap, but it is not likely, but just a possibility.
Then there is Polycarp. Polycarp was a man who was a personal friend of the apostle John. Polycarp also had writings (you can find them on the Internet) and he, in turn, had a disciple named Irenaeus. Irenaeus wrote ‘Against Heresies’ and was one who stood up for the faith. Here is a url on him .
I will write more on this soon.


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