Evidences for Historical Christianity

Yesterday, I talked about how Paul and Peter wrote about each other in different parts of the New Testament. Paul was writing about a particular incident that is recorded in the book of Acts. He explained that Peter was in the wrong in this situation, and he corrected Peter. Peter, on the other hand, wrote about Paul, and explained to his readers that Paul’s writings were hard to understand. He seemed to have a high opinion of Paul. The point of this is, there is an argument, that the Gospels were written in the fourth century. People who believe this tend to believe in the Gnostic gospels (i.e., the Gospel of Judas). There is a belief behind Gnosticism which basically corresponds with the error of Cain. It is a belief that asks the same question that Satan asked Eve in the Garden; “Did God really say….?” It questions the goodness of God and says basically that God is hiding things from us that are rightfully ours. It twists the truth around to make that way of thinking sound plausible.
I am researching for eyewitnesses to the people who were alive during Jesus’ ministry on earth, or the early days of the church. I have come up with Nero, this time. The time period is 64 A.D., and Nero is irate with the Christians. Rome burned down, and the Christians were eventually blamed. Nero took some of these Christians and covered them with tar, attached them to poles in his garden, then lit them. Others, he threw to the lions. How cruel. Yet this is History that has been recorded for us. If Christianity was false, and Jesus never existed, why do we have that recorded? There are other things that are recorded as well, but even with all that, there are some people who will never believe the truth. The reason is that God has turned them over to ‘the lie’ (Romans 1). It says in the Bible that God will send them a strong delusion. Notice that God does not lie to them, but He turns them over to the evil that their hearts want. They will love ‘the lie’. Yet, they will be judged for God will judge them on that Day.
There are other evidences recorded for us as well. I will put them in here as I remember or find them.


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