A Worthwhile Read and Some Thoughts

I am reading a book I used while home schooling that has to do with evolution, and why it isn’t valid. The book is called, “It Couldn’t Just Happen” by Lawrence O. Richards. Here is the Amazon.com review on it: “Fascinating facts about God’s world that gives us thousands of pieces of evidence to prove that He created and sustains the universe.” There were a lot of good customer reviews as well. As usual, there were those who claimed that the book was the reason they turned to Atheism. I always find that interesting. When God is shown forth in a book or teaching, there is always opposition and false accusation. When that happens, it actually proves that the thing that is being opposed is valid.
If anyone is interested in ordering this book, here is the url: http://www.amazon.com/Couldnt-Just-Happen-Fascinating-Facts/dp/0849935830
Here is one other thought I had recently. It really doesn’t have to do with this book, but a friend just got a strange text from an unknown source, who identified himself/herself as Jesus. I was reminded of the time when my husband took the kids to the Bible book store one night, and on the way home, there was a woman acting strange on the sidewalk. Somehow, she had contact with my family and told them that she was Jesus. It is interesting to note that I have not heard of people saying that they are Buddah or Mohammed. A couple of years ago, a man from South America, I believe, was in town. He claimed to be the real Jesus. My friends gathered up some people to go and evangelize. Didn’t the real Jesus say that there would be people who would claim to be Him? I just find all this interesting.


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