Bugs, Flowers and Mimicry

I was reading from the book, ‘It Couldn’t Just Happen’ (Richards) about bugs and their relationships with flowers. There is a type of orchid that looks exactly like a male flying insect. When the flying male insect sees this flower, he attacks it violently, thinking it is another male insect. As he does this, he ends up covered with pollen!
A type of bee is attracted to another type of orchid. As it lands on this flower, it ends up encased in the flower like a room. Once the bees calm down, there is a place where they can get out. They find this place, and as they exit through this opening, they slide through a tube and collect pollen as they are exiting.
Some orchids give over pheromones, which are like a female scent. The scent can be so strong that the male insects are attracted to the flower even over the female insects! They will pass a female to get to the flower. And of course, you can guess the reason why. As the insect gets to the flower, it ends up collecting pollen so that other orchids can be pollinated.
All of this is God’s wonderful design for the reproduction of flowers.
One last thought. I was recently thinking about how birds eat fruit from trees. Let’s say that the bird ate some raspberries. As the raspberries are being digested, guess what comes out? Raspberry seeds are spread and new raspberry plants will begin to grow. I know this isn’t complicated, but it is interesting to see God’s handiwork in animal and plant life.


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