Do You Have Complete Control?

That is just one question that is tied in with others. Do you have complete control? Control of what? Let’s look at this question by asking another question. Are you all knowing? Did you know when you were going to be born? Did you get to choose the color of your hair? How about what nationality you are, or which family you were born into? Do you know how many days you are going to be alive? When will you die? Can you change that date?
These are questions, when asked properly, that can show us our limitations as human beings. If we can’t answer questions like these, how can we answer questions about what happens after we die? Or does the answer to that question belong to another Being?
The fact of the matter is, we have needs. We are limited. We are not all powerful, and we do not get to call the shots.
There are boundaries all around us, whether we want to believe that or not, or whether we like that fact or not. We are subject to them.
Because of that, it should help us realize that there is Someone else we are subject to. The problem is that we want to be the big Cheese. We want to make the rules and control situations and people. Sometimes, we have success in doing that too (well, up to a point).
Kim Jong II believed he was all powerful. His father actually taught the people of North Korea that he was their provider. In North Korea, there are pictures of Kim Jong II in windows and many places. You see, he was not omnipresent, nor was he immortal. He is no longer alive. He did not acknowledge that he would have to prepare for the afterlife, and lived as if everyone around owed him homage and recognition. If there is one thing he could tell you right now, it would be to prepare for the afterlife.
So if you think about it, you will realize that tonight you will need to go to bed to get a good night’s sleep. You know that if you don’t properly take care of your body, it will fall apart. You can believe all that you want to, that you are an all powerful person, but one day, your body will be subject to death.
The Bible tells us some things about life after death. One man who disregarded God during his life-time on earth, ended up in flaming fire. He did not ask to be there. He couldn’t control the fact that he was there. But he was concerned that his brothers would listen to Moses and the Prophets so they wouldn’t end up there. The rich man was told that even if someone were to rise from the dead, it would make no difference as the brothers were unwilling to regard the Law and the Prophets.
God is the One we are subject to. He is the one who decides ultimately what color hair we have, or what family we are born into. He knows the exact day each one of us will die. Can we be honest with ourselves and admit that we are not God, and we don’t have control over many things? God is all-knowing. We aren’t. God is omni-present (present everywhere at the same time). We aren’t. God is all-powerful. We aren’t. But we can entrust ourselves to Him. We can even know where we will spend eternity! God has given us all this information in His word.
If you are concerned about where you will spend eternity, and if you are looking for answers, please leave a message or send an email to me. Here is a website that can help too:


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