We Are Different Than the Animals

I was reading this morning out of the book, “It Couldn’t Just Happen” and it was talking about how amazing our brains are. They are the most complex organs in our body. There are three main sections of our brain; one that controls involuntary muscles, like the heart and lungs, and another part controls the voluntary actions in our bodies, like throwing a baseball or opening a window. Then there is the part that controls our thinking.

Our brains are different than the brains of animals. The book told that the way we are different is that we can think. Well, I struggled with that because I know animals can think. I have a very smart bird, and a really clever cat! But the book wasn’t talking about that kind of thinking. There is a reasoning that people have, that animals lack. For example, animals lack the ability to set up a court room and have court hearings. Have you ever seen a monkey conduct an orchestra? How about an elephant trying to do surgery on another elephant?

Yes, animals can do many things. God put ‘instincts’ inside of them. Ants build colonies. Fish swim in schools. Bees have a special kind of dance they do to let the other bees know where to find flowers with nectar. But there is a whole category missing from the animal world that was only given to human beings. You see, people were created in the image of God. Many of the things that people do are traits that characterize what God does. Animals don’t have that. But human beings do.

I also know that some of these traits, when carried out in the lives of human beings, misrepresent God. For instance, God is a Father. We have human fathers. Some of the things human fathers do are rather shameful. But God is a perfect Father. He never makes mistakes or does anything wrong. Let’s not look at human beings to represent what God is like, but let’s look to the Word of God and understand who God is and what He is like.

People also have the ability to reason. They ask questions. Humans want to know how things work. Animals don’t. We can train animals, and we can condition them, but they were not made to think like a human being.

Here is something that I heard was in Darwin’s book; He said that the African people (black people) were less developed as the white people. He also said that women were not as developed as men (as human beings). So, if I understand Darwin’s thinking correctly, he would speculate that African women were way more underdeveloped than white men? Thank God that this ins’t true. Basically, Darwin was saying that people came from apes, and as they developed, they became more human like and lost more of their animal features. Does this make sense?

And Finally, I have to think of the stigmatism that occurred when Galileo discovered the telescope (although he actually was not the first to invent this), he realized that the earth was not the center of the solar system. People scoffed at him and he was persecuted for his belief. See http://thetruepast.blogspot.com/2012/02/today-in-history-february-13-1633.html . Years later, people did realize that the earth was not the center of the solar system and came to grips with that fact. I think the same thing will happen with evolution. I don’t think it is provable, and over time, there will be more and more evidence that it is a false theory. But, if you want to be a scoffer, I guess it doesn’t really matter for whatever true evidence there is, there will always be some kind of smoke screen to make the truth look wrong. That’s just the way it is, as long as we are living on this planet before the next age, people will continue to scoff at the truth. But that’s ok, because God is God, we are not. He makes the rules. He calls the shots. He is not threatened by our lies. He will always be, and He never changes.


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