Plants Depend on Humans and Humans Depend on Plants

This is just a quick thought on how plants and humans depend on each other for life. Human beings take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, while plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Plants are very good to have around because of the oxygen they produce. Of course, the obvious is that human beings eat plants. If humans eat animals, the animal, at least somewhere in the food chain, has eaten plant life. If you think about what happens when the food digests and leaves the human being’s body, well I think you know what ends up happening and the cycle of the plant life begins again (plants love manure). 

   Also, birds eat seeds from some plants (I know, I have had berry plants that have had fruit disappear quickly!) and after the food is digested and the remains come out, many times seeds come out along with the remains. Where the droppings fell, new plants will begin to come up (unless the droppings are on your car!). 

  Make an effort to plant a garden, flowers or trees! The more green life, the more oxygen, and the better for us!


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