The Tail-bone – A Monkey’s Tale

I was at the Chiropractor today, and saw a sign on the wall that talked about the tail-bone. I thought this was funny because I remember teaching my children from a book by Gary Parker, who at one time believed in evolution, but now teaches creation, in which he told about a conversation he was having with his daughter about some things she learned in school that had to do with evolution. The daughter explained that the teacher taught about the vestigial organs and so called useless body parts. One of them was the tail bone, more scientifically known as the coccyx. There are a couple of reasons it is called the ‘tail-bone’. One of the reasons is because evolutionists believe that it was a leftover part from our ancestor, the monkey, that we evolved from. Supposedly we used to use this tail to wrap around trees and branches as we would swing and climb in the trees. Supposedly the tail that our ancestors once had disappeared and what is left of it is the tail bone. The other reason the evolutionists believe this was a tail-bone is because it supposedly doesn’t serve any purpose anymore in our bodies. But if you studied this part of the body, you would realize that is does have an important function. It helps hold the muscles in place in that area, plus, it helps us to use the muscles we need to use in order to properly eliminate waste products from our bodies. If that part of your body gets injured, you would sure appreciate having it work properly. So the so called ‘tail-bone’ is not a vestigial organ (it isn’t an organ anyway). It has a function today, just as it did throughout the History of mankind.


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