Animals and Humans are Different

I am going to talk about 4 differences between animals and humans here. I’m sure there are more, so feel free to comment if you are thinking of any.

Animal and human differences

 1. Spiritual- People look for meaning. People explore religions. Animals don’t. Animals tend to take care of the moment without thought of anything deeper (ex.hunting prey to get a meal) They are not concerned with the ramifications of their decisions on a long term basis. 

2. Linguistics- People communicate with words. Animals don’t communicate using words, nor do they have a language with words (some grunting or vocal sounds are there, but no vocabulary).

3. Reasoning – Humans have reasoning skills. They can make thoughtful decisions based upon knowledge. Animals can’t.

4. Time – People tend to study the past, present, and future. They live their lives in the framework of time. Animals do not have the capability to work in a time frame (unless a structure has been put there by human beings, the animal can be conditioned).

   A philosophical difference between animals and humans is that animals never ask the why question. Yes, they can be conditioned to know something will happen in relation to something else (association) like the dog can be trained to expect a cookie when he comes in, if he regularly gets one at a certain time.

  Animals do not have the capability to lead an orchestra or hold a court session. Yet animals do have intelligence and instincts, but not in the same way human beings do.

  According to the Bible, one main difference between human beings and animals is that human beings are created in God’s image, but animals aren’t. Both were created on the sixth day of creation, and are created from the dust of the earth (Genesis 2:19). God has a purpose for animals. God also gave man the dominion over the animals, and man is to be a good caretaker of them (Proverbs 12:10).

   So, the next time you hear that people came from apes or from a simple celled animal in the ocean, ask yourself this question; If human beings really did evolve from apes or from another form of life, then why are there still apes today? There are so many varieties of animals, and yet, no missing link or transitional form has been found to match the theory of evolution.

  So, to conclude, don’t let people make a monkey out of you!

 One other thought here. Darwin believed that the dark skinned people (Africans) were less developed human beings than white people. Not only that, Darwin also believes that women are less developed human beings than men. How about that for being racist?


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