Did Man and Dinosaurs Live at the Same Time and Why Does It Matter?

According to the Bible, animals and humans were created on Day 6 of Creation. That means that animals and people coexisted on the earth at the same time. Further, that means that dinosaurs and humans lived on the earth at the same time, according to the Bible. So, what’s the big deal?

According to some hypothetical scientific structures, human beings and dinosaurs did not live at the same time. According to the theory of Evolution, billions of years have taken place and at some point in history, people came on the scene. But it was not in the same time period as the dinosaurs. They lived during another time period. They must have died out before humans came along. But there are some problems with that theory, as you may have already figured out. 

If Evolutionists were able to ‘prove’ that dinosaurs and humans beings came at different points in history, then it would make evolution appear more valid. It would then be more believable. That is why it would be a big deal. 

I have been asking myself this question recently, and I came across an article put out by ‘Answers in Genesis’ on this very topic. Before I post the information on it, I would like to point out something that I never thought about until I read the short paragraphs at the beginning of this article. It talked about the drawings of dinosaurs (petroglyphs) around the world. Somebody had to draw them, and I doubt that it was a monkey! I found that interesting. I also heard, but cannot verify the source on this, that recently dinosaur bones have been excavated, maybe in Texas, not sure exactly the place, but in these bones were found red blood cells, which means that the fossils could not have been billions of years old! They would have had to have been much more recent! So with that in mind, let me paste the beginning paragraph of the article. I hope you find it interesting.

Q: Why do we believe dinosaurs lived with people?

A: Since the Bible is the Word of God, and since God cannot lie, then the Bible is trustworthy. That is our starting point. We are told that land animals were created on Day Six, and this would include dinosaurs. Since Day Six is also when man was created, we certainly believe dinosaurs lived at the same time as man.

How do you explain the various petroglyphs of dinosaurs found around the world? How do you explain the fact that so many dragon legends from around the world describe creatures that match what we know about dinosaurs from their fossils? How do you explain the biblical account that seems to describe something like a brachiosaurus, called behemoth in Job 40:15–24?

The easy answer is that people have lived with dinosaurs, which were often called dragons. Yet this conclusion is unthinkable for those who believe in billions of years.

Read more and watch a video clip showing the absurdity of evolutionary explanations for dragon legends.”

Also, here is a url that leads to the discussion. But you have to get through the feedback issue before you can get to the article: http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/2012/05/04/feedback-dinosaurs-living-with-people-the-biblical-worldview


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