Polycarp-A Person Recorded in Church History

I wrote about Polycarp in my History blog today, and wanted to communicate on this blog, the reason why I think we should learn about church History. Today, there are people rewriting History, to suit their own ideologies. Some people claim that the Gospels were written in the Fourth Century. If that is true, then what do we do with the church fathers, such as Polycarp? Did you know there were several letters written when the church first started, that are not included in the Bible, but, at the same time, give clues as to what really was happening at the time of the church’s beginning? Polycarp wrote some letters. Polycarp was also a disciple of the Apostle John.
While discussing this with a person who was antagonistic to the Gospel, I asked him if he ever heard of Polycarp, to which he responded that he didn’t. This man was a teacher of History. But he didn’t know who Polycarp was. He also believed that the Gospels were written in the Fourth Century.
Here is the url for my blog on Polycarp: http://thetruepast.blogspot.com/2012/05/true-history-polycarp.html


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