The Uncaused First-Cause

   What is an uncaused first-cause? It is the initial cause of everything else, but is not caused by anything else itself. So, we have creation, which was caused by a Creator, but the Creator is uncaused. He has no beginning point. There is no point in time or eternity when this Creator came into being. And if there were a point in time where this Creator came into being, then He wouldn’t be ‘uncaused’. 

   The problem with us as human beings is that we can’t wrap our heads around something that has always existed. If there is something that has always existed, we reason that there had to be something before that something to ’cause’ it to come into existence. But if we are honest, even if we had a list of beings that we thought caused each other, in turn, to come into existence, at some point there would have to be an ‘uncaused’ being or something in which everything sprang out from. It is precisely this, that Atheists and Creationists battle over.

  There are three different possibilities of the ‘uncaused cause’. Let’s look at them and see which one seems most reasonable. 

   1. The universe is the ‘uncaused first-cause’. Everything that exists came from the universe.

   2. God is the Creator, and everything came as a result of His creation. But something had to create God.

   3. God is the Creator, and everything came as a result of His creating power. He is the ‘uncaused first cause’.

  Let’s look at the first possibility. Let’s ask this question first. What if the universe is the ‘uncaused first cause’ and everything came from the universe. That would imply that the universe is what created everything else. This would lead us to another question; who or what created the universe? Also, is the universe the agent that created everything else? 

  The second possibility is that God created everything, but that He was created by something or someone else. That begs the question then, who created God? Is this being more powerful than God? Who created this being that created God? Was that being created by another being? If so, why isn’t there any information on this being who created God? How far back could this go until we finally get to the original uncaused first-cause?

  The third possibility is that God created everything and that He is the uncaused first-cause. It is obvious that human beings and plants and animals were designed by an intelligent being. If you see a building, you know that an architect designed it, and that it was put together by construction workers and builders. The building didn’t just appear one day, nor did it gradually appear over thousands and thousands of years. But why do we have a hard time believing that God designed and created the earth and everything in it?

   There are a couple of reasons why people can’t believe that God created the world. One of the big reasons is that our culture, over the past couple of hundred years, has adopted a philosophy that does not allow for a supernatural being. It came with the Enlightenment, years ago. So, God is believed to be out there, by many people, but He does not operate in a supernatural realm. They reason that because you cannot ‘prove’ what God supposedly did in the Bible, by supernatural means, that there is no supernatural element to God. He strictly responds in the natural. There are no miracles, healings, or any events happening that would require God to work in the supernatural realm. There is a big emphasis on ‘science’ in this thinking. It would be like trying to prove that my spouse loves me. You can’t put love in a test tube and prove it. It is not in the same category. God is in a different realm altogether. He is in the spiritual realm. So, anywhere you read in the Bible where God did miracles or raised someone from the dead, it is not accepted as something that actually happened, but more of something symbolic of a teaching or moral. I heard someone say to me one time that he thought Adam and Eve were symbolic, rather than actual people God created. 

   How does this tie in with creation? In order for God to have created the world, He would have to use supernatural means. Remember that God couldn’t go to the hardware store and pick up some materials to make the earth and people with. He had to create something from nothing in order to create the whole universe. That is another attribute that God has that is way over our heads. Just because we can’t figure God out doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist or isn’t supernatural. It means He is above us. He is greater than we are. We are subject to Him, whether we like it or not. I believe that is the crux of the whole matter. If God really is the uncaused first-cause, and if everything came from Him, we are subject to Him. We are subject to the boundaries He has placed around us. That is the exact reason people want to reject the idea of God as Creator. We love our sin. We love our selfishness. We don’t want anything to interfere with that. God never forces Himself on people. He tells us the truth and it is up to us to respond. That is the reason why, if we end up in hell, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Everywhere around us, there are evidences of God. If we want to make that untrue, we simply come up with other explanations for those evidences, no matter how illogical they are. 

“God is uncreated. He never had a beginning and has always been in existence”.


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