The Bible was written by men?

  Have you ever tried communicating the Gospel with someone, only to have them retort, “The Bible was written by men.”? The happens a lot. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you probably will soon. It’s ok though, because you can do some things to respond to that claim.

   First of all, was the Bible written by men? The answer, like so many answers, is yes and no. Also, you have to find out exactly what the person is trying to say when he or she says that the Bible was written by men. Sometimes, people just have a lot of fluff in their words, and they are just parroting something they heard while in class at college or on break in the lounge. They are just trying to throw you off by telling you something that they think you won’t have a response for. 

   They could also be taking something that is partly true, and throwing something into the mix to change the entire meaning. They are probably aware that people wrote down the words to the Bible, but they want you to believe that it is only the words of these people who wrote the words in the Bible down, and only their opinions about God. In other words, the Apostles, Prophets, Moses, etc., just wrote down their opinions about religion, God, or whatever it is that’s in the Bible. Add that to the mindset that believes that the Bible, especially the Gospels, discriminate against women. That is a whole subject by itself for another time. If they really understood what the Bible says about how women are to be treated, and the value of women in society, they would have nothing left to say. So, people wrote down the words that are contained in the Bible, but what were those words?

    The Bible is one continuous story that starts in the book of Genesis and goes through History, then culminates in the book of Revelation. The main character or person is God, expressed through the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. The Bible has a lot to say about who God is, and who man is, what the problem is, and the solution to the problem. Yes, men wrote down the words in the Bible, but what they wrote down had to do with what God was saying and what God was doing.

   If you are in a cordial conversation with an opponent who claims that the Bible was written by men, you can ask him some questions. Ask him what did the men write down? Find out what the person’s understanding of how the Bible came about. Chances are good that he will either have to admit that he doesn’t know, or he may just say some illogical things to sound impressive. 

   Take a person in the Bible, for example, Paul. You can ask yourself these questions and it will help you to see how God was interacting with men and women during the Bible times. What was God doing in the book of Acts? What were some of the things Paul saw with his eyes? What did God say to Paul? What was God saying to His people in the book of Exodus? Where was God in the book of Job? You can see that in the Bible, there is an interaction between God and people. The Bible is not a book about wishful thinking that men wrote down or superstitions. It is a book about a relationship between the true and living God, and His people. 

  When you hear this claim come up, remember, the words of the Bible were written down by men, but it was God who was speaking to His people.People wrote down the words God spoke, and the events that occurred because of what God was doing. It is like a biography about God and His people. If we want to hear what God has to say to us, read the Bible!

Basic                                                                                                                                 Instructions                                                                                                                                Before                                                                                                                                        Leaving                                                                                                                                       Earth


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