Only a Man and a Woman Can Procreate

I was listening to someone as he was preaching the Gospel on Youtube, talking about the subject of homosexualism. He had some excellent insight. One of the points made was that a man and a man cannot have children. The same with a woman and woman. This makes perfect biological sense. Only a male and female can reproduce when they come together.

I know there are gay and lesbian people out there who believe in God, and believe that God loves them. It would make sense to them, at least it would seem, to make sense that if God created everything ‘good’, and that He created man and woman to live in a special relationship together, doesn’t it show God’s creativity and order in that children are born in this relationship? That is how families come about. If there is no reproduction, then there would be no children, and therefore the human race would die out.

Well, you might be thinking that gay people can adopt and have a family. That is a possibility, but is that according to God’s design for families? Doesn’t it seem a little difficult trying to decide which partner has the ‘mom’ responsibilities and vice-versa? What is God’s design, and why does God design it this way?

In Genesis 1:27 and 28, God explains what He is doing. God is creating a beautiful world here, and the crowning touch is the creation of human beings. He created them male and female. When male and female are in a relationship, they will be able to reproduce and bring glory to God. People were made in God’s image and they were made to reflect His glory.

“27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

As we see what happened after God created the man and woman, we see that they rebelled against God’s direction for them by eating a piece of forbidden fruit. God forbade them to eat it, but they disobeyed and they world has been in darkness ever since. What is evil is now called ‘good’ and what God considers good is now called ‘evil’. Now there is a perversion of reality. By the time we get to Genesis 6, people were so unbelievably wicked that God destroyed them all (except 8 people) by sending a flood. The people were taken by surprise. When Noah was explaining to them about the reason he was building the ark, they really didn’t believe God would destroy them. They ignored the warnings. No one believed Noah. They probably thought he was a nut case. They had not seen rain before and didn’t really know what to expect if something were to come about like Noah said would happen. It was a sad time to watch whole families and relationships be destroyed by this unbelievable storm. No one was ready. That would be terrible to have to see your loved ones drown and not have a way you could help. It was probably one of the saddest days in the History of the earth.

Then we get to Sodom and Gommorah. Remember Noah only had 8 people on the Ark and they had to reproduce to perpetuate the human race from that point on. Many years later, Abraham, a descendent of Noah, was called by God to go to a new land that he had never been to before. His nephew Lot also went with him. When they finally arrived in the area, Abraham allowed Lot to choose where he wanted to live. Lot chose the best area, at least to his own eyes and lived there with his family. Lot lived there for some time, but it became undesirable, as people began living perverted life styles, not intended by God. God was going to destroy this city because of their sin. Lot and his family were there, and they didn’t want to move, although there is evidence that Lot was tormented because of the sin of these people. He even pleaded with God not to destroy the land. But God sent angels to prepare Lot and his family for leaving the city. When the angels appeared at Lot’s house, Lot took them inside, but men of the city were banging on the door because they wanted to have sex with the angels who had come in. Again, it was a very sad time in History, when people had to leave the city because God was going to destroy it. The angels had to practically force Lot, his wife, and daughters to leave and run from the city. They all ran out, but Lot’s wife wanted to go back and turned around. She became a pillar of salt and God sent fire and brimstone to destroy the people in the city completely. God will not be mocked. He never intended for people to live immoral lifestyles. He has boundaries for people to live within when it comes to the area of sexual relationships.

It is possible that you, a reader of this article, may be gay or lesbian. It is also possible that you may be heterosexual, but living in immorality as well. The Bible has a lot to say about our sexual relationships. Throughout the New Testament, you can see a lot of instructions for parents and spouses. There is no indication that God makes provision for families consisting of Gay parents. Nor does God provide for families that are out of His order. God does not make people ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’. The reason people believe that God made them that way, is because, they don’t see any way out. Some of them are not willing to repent. Many of those people will fit under the Romans 1 category which explains that people choose to disregard God to begin with, and in that rejection of God, they turn to everything opposite of what God intended and God turns them over to their wickedness. Of course, they will continue to believe ‘the lie’. They are in darkness and unless a grand act of mercy on God’s part happens, they will die in their sin and be judged.

But there is another category of Gay/Lesbian people. Many, if not most, have been victims of rape as a child. They were brought into this lifestyle because originally, they were violated sexually as children. They don’t necessarily want to be gay, but to them it seems normal because that is what they experienced all their lives. But God has good news for these people, if they want to take it. They can be delivered from being gay. They don’t have to live the lesbian lifestyle anymore. God is powerful enough to save people and to set them free from sin. It is not enough to just know that immorality, of any kind, is sin. If we stayed at that, we would become hopeless. But the Gospel is powerful enough to break the bonds (and I mean even strong bonds) of sin. Whatever the bond is, it can be broken because of the power of the Cross.

I will say one more thing. I don’t believe that some Christians (or so called Christians) have presented the truth of the hope for homosexuals correctly. We want to give people hope, not damn them to hell. Everyone of us, whether gay or not, is damned to hell unless we repent and put our trust in Jesus Christ. Hell is going to be filled with ‘good people’ and sinners. (See . What distresses me is the name calling and hatred shown by either uncompassionate Christians (sounds like an oxymoron) or people who are just professing Christians who use their preaching skills to ‘lord themselves over others’. It is a holier than thou attitude, and if the professing Christian really understood the depth of his or her own sin, they would be ashamed of what they are doing in public. If you are a Christian preacher, preaching in a hateful way, shame on you! Repent and have the compassion of Christ in your heart for lost people.

If you are gay/lesbian, please consider what I have written. Know that I don’t hate you or will make fun of you behind your back. You need to realize that God did not make you that way, and their is hope for you to be free from being in this state. God is powerful enough to help you. I have another page you can look at:  Understand that God designed you a certain way that is beautiful and orderly in His plan. You don’t have to be perverted anymore. But you will need help. You will need someone to talk to and pray for you. Also see the web page for more insight. If you have questions, please email me at


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