Two Baby Instincts

It is interesting to watch baby people and baby animals. Everything that is living has instincts built into them. The instincts are necessary for survival. But where did the instincts come from? How are they related to other functions of the body?

Did you know that before a baby bird hatches, it has a built in apparatus called an ‘egg tooth’. The baby bird uses this egg tooth to break open the shell of the egg surrounding it. After the shell is broken, and the baby bird is out, there is no more need for this egg tooth and it seems to disappear. No one has to explain to the unhatched bird, how to egg out of the egg, or how to use it’s egg tooth. Something internal is already there and the baby bird uses it without even understanding what it is.

Baby people are interesting too. If you have ever watched an infant for an period of time, you will notice that the baby moves its mouth like it is sucking something. Sometimes, you can see this movement if you touch the baby’s lips with your finger. This is a sucking reflex designed so the baby can nurse. It is there for the survival of the baby. The baby would not live very long if it doesn’t know how to eat, and the only way an infant can take food in is by sucking. That’s how it drinks milk, which is provided for by the mother’s body. Nobody has to teach a baby how to suck. Everyone alive today has had this sucking instinct as an infant, even if it is weak.

There are no classes on using an egg tooth or how to suck milk for nourishment and survival. It was all put into us by an Intelligent Designer who created us, and gave us instincts to survive by.


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