Two Different Starting Points

Evolutionists and Creationists both have the same set of facts. They just have different starting points. They interpret the facts differently. The problem is not with the facts, it is the result of their interpretation that could be right or wrong. An example of this is the geological column. There are two main views on it. One of them is called ‘Uniformitarian’ and the other is ‘catastrophic’.

Uniformitarian=sedimentary layers of rock are laid down very slowly (i.e. over billions of years)

Catastrophic = Sedimentary rock layers can be laid very quickly (i.e. the Global Flood).

Which is easier to believe? Both seem plausible, right? The uniformitarian view looks possible, but you have to take into consideration then the concept of billions of years. Evolution cannot happen without billions of years, if it were possible.

When it comes to our origins, we either believe we evolved  (over millions of years) or, we were created by an Intelligent Designer?

  Our genes lose information over time. It is possible for genes to lose information, but genes never acquire new information. Evolution would require the genes to receive new information in order to happen.

  Here is a quote from ‘A Closer Look at the Evidence’ (Kleiss) “The simplest conceivable form of life (eg. bacteria) contains at least 600 different protein molecules.  Each of these molecules performs specific functions by fitting into other molecules shaped in exact three-dimensional spatial arrangements.  These proteins work like a key fitting into a lock — only a specifically shaped protein will fit.  Yet there are multiple trillions of possible combinations of protein molecules and shapes. How could the exactly required shape find the exactly correct corresponding protein in order to perform the required cellular function?

 All this is just food for thought. I hope you all are thinking and coming to the best conclusions. Layers of sedimentary rock can be explained by evolution. But it can have just as valid explanation by creation. It takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does in creation. There are a lot of unanswered questions and gaps in the theory of evolution. If evolution were true, it would be a pretty amazing thing to note how proteins could eventually come together and match like missing puzzle pieces, and that of multiple trillions of them coming together in such a fashion.

   The Bible is very clear that God does not have to ‘prove’ Himself. It is already evident by His creation. The more we study atoms and stars, the more we realize how complex matter is. But it is not out of order. On the contrary, it is in perfect order. God’s handiwork can be seen in the tiniest molecule, and in the largest galaxy.

“The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” And that is enough for today.


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