The New Atheists

I have talked to many people on the streets about the Gospel, and I have rarely encountered an Atheist. I can count on my hand the times I have talked with them. They aren’t unreasonable to talk with either. That is, until I met the new breed of Atheists. There is a new breed of them, and they are in every nook and cranny on Face Book. I met one of the first ones, in a Face Book game called, ‘Castaway’ where you make a message up and put it in a bottle and send it out into a virtual ocean. Other people who are on Face Book can play the game and they can open up the bottles and read the messages. I put a couple of bottles out containing a Gospel message and the message didn’t make everyone happy who read it. One such man was one of those Atheists. One way you can tell the New Atheists from the old ones, is that they say the proof of burden is on the Christian, not on them. They don’t have to prove anything because they think they are right. So, this man dismissed the Gospel message and said I believed in fairy tales.

Well, today we are still arguing with Atheists on Face Book. They will put the Christian argument to rest by saying to the Christian, “You are creating a strawman”, when it is they who really are creating the strawmen. It is amazing because in this particular group on Face Book, there are Christian men and women who are very articulate and intelligent. One of them has participated in debates with Muslims and is very experienced in debating. These Atheists are attacking his statements as well. They aren’t respectful of him, and they don’t care what they say in response to his posts.

One thing is for sure. God is God, and we are not. If God really exists, and if He really is the Creator of all things, no amount of rejection on the part of people will change God into not being God. God is not swayed by our opinion or preferences of whether or not we want to believe He exists. We are the ones who will lose out if we turn our backs on Him. God is not like a sweatered grandfather bending to our every wish and desire.

One day, each one of us will stand before God in judgment. Many will appear before God at the Great White Throne judgment. They can laugh all they want to about their ideas of God not existing. The last laugh will be on them though, and sadly, it will be too late for them to repent.


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