Why is the Word of God Considered Dangerous?

Did you know the Bible has been banned in at least 52 countries? Many of these countries consider the Bible as ‘contraband’. It is sometimes not allowed because the country is Islamic, or Atheistic, as in man Communist countries. But seriously, why is the Bible such a threat to people, that is has to be banned?

Many people today claim that the Bible is mythology or made up of fairy-tales. They claim that Jesus never existed or that the Bible was written by men. If the Bible is made up of fairy-tales, why would it need to be banned? People don’t go to prison, at least not to my knowledge, for reading ‘The Iliad’, ‘The Odyssey’ or ‘Aesop’s Fables’. Don’t get me wrong though, there is a ban on books in this country. Some books are questionable and didn’t meet the standard. I was surprised to see the book ‘Where’s Waldo’ on the list, so I had to do a search on it to find out why it was banned. The reason it was banned is because there is a page with a beach scene with a woman dressed inappropriately. That makes sense. But I don’t think there are people with guns, that are spying out my house to make sure I don’t have any copies of Where’s Waldo inside my home. No one is going to arrest me for having that book on my book shelves. Not yet, anyway.

The obvious reason the Bible is banned in so many countries, is because it exposes the work of Satan. He is behind making sure that the Bible is banned. He knows that the Bible contains the words of life that will save people and give them victory over him. When people give ground to Satan, he works through them, keeping them, and everyone under their rule, in bondage. People blame God for the difficulties in life, but Satan is the one who is behind the evil we see. The reason human beings have always engaged in war is because Satan is opposed to God. He works through the people he has blinded. And we are deceived, so many times, in thinking that God is the author of evil, when it is really Satan doing it! We blame God, but it is Satan’s fault, and ours as well, for cooperating with him and believing his lies.

The Bible is the book of truth. Satan loves lies and hates the truth. So, we can understand the main reason why the Bible is banned in countries around the world today. For more information on the countries where the Bible is banned, see www.persecution.com

People in different countries are punished for having a Bible.



  1. Slawek said,

    April 22, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    Can you please list those 52 countries where the Bible is banned ? Or list at least 10 please…

    • awestruck09 said,

      April 22, 2013 at 6:20 pm

      I can give you the web site that discusses this. It is http://www.persecution.com You will find several different pages with information on this and you have to do some researching on their site to find where all the countries are listed together. There is a lot of information there and it can be overwhelming to try to dig through it all, but I believe it is on there somewhere. If not, it does talk about the different countries individually and how they are responding to the Gospel.
      I haven’t looked at this site yet, but you might also want to try Open Doors. The founder of Open Doors is Brother Andrew, who wrote ‘God’s Smuggler’ years ago. The book tells about the different countries that forbade the Bible, that Brother Andrew was able to smuggle Bibles into. This ministry (Open Doors) is very similar to the Voice of the Martyrs (www.persecution.com). Once a year, both ministries host a day of prayer for the persecuted church around the world. We get a kit from the Voice of the Martyrs with a map describing the different countries’ positions on allowing the Bible and Christianity in their countries. Some countries have mild persecution while others have total persecution for believers. Some countries are Islamic in nature, while others are communistic or have some other form of a tyrannical government that forbids Christianity, churches or Bibles. You could send an email to the Voice of the Martyrs and get on their mailing list. They send out a little magazine every month or so, at no charge, with information on what they are doing in countries that are hostile to the Gospel message. There are many testimonies of people coming to Christ in spite of persecution. In fact, I think, that China has one of the fastest growing churches around (at least I heard that a couple of years ago). Of course, the church is totally underground, so to speak. North Korea is probably the country that is hardest hit with persecution, but there are others that come close.
      Let me know what you find, or if you have trouble finding anything. I am going to look at Open Doors ministry. I will have to search and find the url for it.

  2. awestruck09 said,

    April 22, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    Here is a map that lists 50 countries that have persecution. Some have milder persecution than others, and things change frequently. The list can fluctuate but these are the latest ones under persecution. Christians in these countries are persecuted for going to church meetings, having Bibles, and for holding onto their faith and not giving into the demands of the government to believe in something else.

    • Slawek said,

      April 22, 2013 at 6:52 pm

      Thanks, I needed this in other discussion and couldn’t find such a list myself.

  3. awestruck09 said,

    April 22, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    Here is the URL for the persecution.com information. This ministry is the one who coined the phrase ‘This book is illegal in 52 countries’. Now the number, according to them, is 53. This map doesn’t have the countries listed, but it is an interactive map. I would like to find all the countries listed as well. The URL in the comment above has 50 countries listed, which is somewhat helpful.

  4. awestruck09 said,

    April 25, 2013 at 10:17 am

    Here is a list of 50 countries that experience persecution of Christians. The persecution ranges from severe to mild, and I don’t know that this is a full list of all countries under Christian persecution (I didn’t see Cuba listed here).
    Top 50 Countries Under Persecution

    1. North Korea
    2. Saudi Arabia
    3. Afghanistan
    4. Iraq
    5. Somalia
    6. Maldives
    7. Mali
    8. Iran
    9. Yemen
    10. Eritrea
    11. Syria
    12. Sudan
    13. Nigeria
    14. Pakistan
    15. Ethiopia
    16. Uzbekistan
    17. Libya
    18. Laos
    19. Turkmenistan
    20. Qatar
    21. Vietnam
    22. Oman
    23. Mauritania
    24. Tanzania
    25. Egypt
    26. United Arab Emirates
    27. Brunei
    28. Bhutan
    29. Algeria
    30. Tunisia
    31. India
    32. Myanmar
    33. Kuwait
    34. Jordan Rubin
    35. Bahrain
    36. Palestinian Territories
    37. ChinaAid
    38. Azerbaijan
    39. Morocco
    40. Kenya
    41. Comoros
    42. Malaysia
    43, Djibouti
    44. Tajikistan
    45. Indonesia
    46. Columbia
    47. Uganda
    48. Kazakhstan
    49. Kyrghyzstan
    50. Niger


  5. nbanuchi said,

    May 31, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    This is a list of countries where Christians are persecuted, but is there a list where the Bible is banned by that country’s government…Thanks

    • awestruck09 said,

      May 31, 2016 at 5:38 pm

      This is an interesting issue. I found the last time this picture was posted on Facebook, there were many resistant to the fact that many countries banned the Bible. But, yes, there are many countries which do ban the Bible, whether we want to believe it or not. The problem comes with the fact that the list of countries which actually ban the Bible changes. The last I checked, the number of countries which banned the Bible was 32. If you want to get updates on this number, I would recommend that you call The Voice of the Martyrs or contact them through email. There are probably new countries banning the Bible as well as some just plain out persecuting Christians. It does vary from country to country, and may be different from year to year. There also may possibly be countries who stop banning the Bible or at least lessen the pressure of persecution of Christians in their country. The Voice of the Martyrs can be reached at http://www.persecution.com

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