The Mysterious Ant Hill

Today I have some apologetic musings. I actually think I am seeing something new taking place. But before I explain what it is, I want to talk about ants.

In our old house, we would see ants periodically, and never could find out where they were coming from. After a long time of never being able to find their source, we just kind of assumed that they had some place where they were from, and someday maybe we would find it.

The day came when the mystery was solved. We were having a bathroom renovated, and when the floor was pulled up, there they were! Now they were exposed. And I’m sure they weren’t happy. Have you ever stepped on an ant hill? What happens when you move the dirt around an ant hill? They know that you have found their home and they are not hidden anymore! In fact, they will defend themselves with by attacking and you will feel the pain of this little creature.

This month, I have seen some interesting fighting going on. It is a kind of spiritual fighting, but does involve some physical fighting too. It started in the forum on Face Book that I am in called ‘What is Truth?’ geared for college age kids to engage in meaningful dialog. I have seen people put out reasoning on why Creation is valid with questions on evolution. Forget the ant hill. There was a hornet’s nest there. And the dialogs are still going on.

There was an incident when the President of Chick-Fil-A stated his view on marriage being made of one man and one woman. Another hornet’s nest ensued. The Gay community spoke out in anger and accused Mr. Cathy of hate speech. Excuse me, but I read the words Mr. Cathy spoke and I didn’t see anything in them that included hate speech.

If you have ever gone onto Youtube and seen videos that glorify God, especially the ones that promote Him as creator, you will see comments that have bad language in response to the videos. Interesting. You don’t usually see those kind of comments on videos that have to do with dogs or cats, or everyday life. Interesting. In fact, I had recently gone to a couple of creation videos that were very good, and the offer for comments was not there.

Tonight, I went to a blogger’s web site, who discussed how ‘Lucy’ the fossil that was found in Africa that is supposed to be a combination of human and ape, was a fraud. It explained the reasons why. In the comments I noticed some irritated people. Same kind of comments I see on Youtube, or in the ‘What is Truth’ forum on Face Book. Just nasty remarks, in a vengeful tone.

I think I know what is happening, and will try to explain it briefly here. Years ago, when our country first started, God fearing people ruled this land. I don’t want to communicate though, that all of these people personally believed in Jesus Christ. But there was a respect for the word of God and for Biblical principles. Then down through the years, little by little, Darwinism came in. Our colleges, which were founded on Christian principles, began hiring people who believed in evolution. In the 20th Century, people got away from these principles, and later on in this century, people stopped going to church. There was skepticism about God and the Bible. What had been happening in the background, while the church was unprepared and unaware, was that men and women had been implementing principles that were based upon lies. No one caught on for a very long time. Today our colleges are filled with teachers who lie to their students about the validity of the Bible, the reality of God, and dealing with who man is. 

I believe the ant hill has been uncovered, and the ants are very angry and biting hard. We see it on the news and in the papers. The lie of evolution is being exposed. The lies about the Bible and authority of God in our lives is becoming evident. People aren’t happy about it either. It used to be that the Christian really didn’t know what to say to these things. So, the Christians just kept everything in the four walls of their church. But now the tables are turned. The lies are being exposed. That is one big reason we are having so much turmoil right now. And I don’t think it is bad. But it will take a lot of work on the part of the Christian to learn what he or she believes in and why. Gone are the days when we can just say, ‘God said it. I believe it. That settles it.’ I personally believe we can turn the tide around in our nation if we are diligent to study the Scriptures and have answers ready for why we believe what we believe in. 

That is my apologetic musings for today. I hope they make sense. I could stay up all night writing about this, but, it is time to take what is written here, and take action with it. I pray you are blessed by reading this. Good night.


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