What was Noah’s Wife’s Name?

There has been some work done by Bill Cooper, who wrote about the descent of the Miautso people who lived in the province of Kiangsi in China. These people took excellent genealogical record keeping and claim they are descendents from Japheth, one of Noah’s sons, who was the ancestor of the indo-Europeans of today. The Miautso people were not of Chinese stock, and they were booted out of their land. They have genealogical records all the way back to Adam. The translation work was done by Edgar Truax, and written about in the book, ‘After the Flood’ by Bill Cooper. Take a look at this list of names and see how similar they are to the Biblical names.
Dirt (Adam)
Se-teh (Seth)
Lusu (unidentifiable. I personally think it could be Methuselah).
Gehlo (Unidentifiable)
Lama (Lamech)
Nuah (Noah) (wife’s name is Ga Bo lu en)
|                                |                                        |
Lo Han          Lo Shen                      Lo Jah-phu
(Ham)            (Shem)                        (Japheth)

These records are not going to match the Bible because they were recorded by other cultures. Nor are the other stories that tell about a world wide flood going to have accurate facts in them. Greek and Roman mythology came out of them. Its not the other way around. For example, people say that the Chaldeans had the flood story before the Hebrews did, therefore the Hebrews borrowed the flood story, but that isn’t the case. The Chaldeans were before the Hebrews and had the flood story, and Abraham came from a place called ‘Ur’ and he would have known about the flood as well and brought it to the Hebrew people. Abraham came from a pagan background, but God called him to be the ‘Father of Many Nations’ which he was.
It is interesting that there are other sources that have stories that are very similar to the Global Flood of Noah’s day. I’m grateful we can still find these stories.


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