What is True For You, is not True For Me. That is Not My Truth.

What is true for you might not be true for me and vice-versa

     Have you ever heard someone say, “That might be true for you, but it is not my truth?”. We wonder what they are trying to say. Many times, this statement is associated with statements that are made from the mindset of the Bible. For example, someone will be communicating the Gospel, and in doing so, will say that Jesus is the only way to heaven. The other person responds by saying that it is fine for the person explaining the Gospel, and that is his truth, but he might say, “That is not my truth. I believe in another way to go to heaven after I die.”

   When I was in elementary school, I thought I heard a teacher tell about different people in the various cultures with their religious beliefs. She went on to say that each one went to the heaven of the particular god that they believed in. I thought that was strange because that would mean that there were different heavens for people of different faiths. That would also mean that the True and Living God, as defined in the Bible, really couldn’t be the only One, could He? After all, if there were different heavens for different gods that people believed in, there would be more than one god, right?

  When I hear the statement, “That is true for you, but not for me”, I have to wonder if the person actually knows what he or she believes in. Does that person believe that a Muslim who believes in Allah will go to heaven, while the Christian who believes in Jesus will go to heaven as well? That would be polytheism then, which neither Islam nor Christianity hold to.

   I look at it this way. If I have cancer, and you don’t have cancer, then I go for treatment for cancer and you don’t have to because you don’t have cancer. The treatment for cancer is true for me, but it is not true for you because it doesn’t apply to you. So, if we present Jesus as the only way to heaven (because He says that He is the only way), if I am a sinner, then I need the only cure for my sin, which is Jesus (His death on the Cross). If you aren’t a sinner, then you don’t need Jesus, because His death does not apply to you. But, if you are a sinner, then you definitely need an atonement for your sin. Since the only known available cure for sin, is the death of Jesus Christ, then that is what you need in order for you to be presented pure before a holy God. So the question remains; Are you a sinner or are you without sin? Is God really holy or is He a figment of our imaginations? Here is a question you can ask yourself; “On a scale of 1-10, how would I grade myself on keeping the 10 Commandments?” Anything below 100% perfect score is imperfect and it means you need a Savior from your sins. For more information on this subject, go to: http://thegospelconversation.blogspot.com  or  http://test4gp.wordpress.com


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