Sodom, Gomorrah, and Other Findings

  I have developed a love for archaeology lately as I have been listening to CDs done by Diana Waring, who developed a History curriculum for children. She has done extensive research and has a lot of resources that she recommends. 

  As I listen to the CDs, one thing that I remember stands out in my mind. In some cultures, people have what is called, ‘oral tradition’. I don’t know that these people don’t write things down, but they have a lot of information passed down to them that they use. For instance, in one culture, in weddings, the person recites his whole ancestry all the way back to Adam! Can you imagine knowing who the line of your ancestors is from Adam? Whoever the people are, they really were there. The furthest back I have gotten would be my fourth or fifth great grandparents!

  There are quite a few people who excel in doing archaeology. One of them is John Morris. He has an article on finding Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom and Gomorrah have been located around the Dead Sea. What was found in that area, according to a video I saw this morning, were salt pillars, lots of salt, brimstone, and sulfur. No wonder the Dead Sea is full of salt! When God punished Sodom and Gomorrah, He rained down fire and brimstone, and as Lot and his family were escaping, Lot’s wife looked back (the family was instructed to flee, not look back) she became a pillar of salt. Lot was a nephew of Abraham, and Abraham was able to see the fire of the city from a distance where he was. Jesus had made reference to Sodom and Gomorrah as well. Here is the article written by John Morris  . It is excellent and easy to understand.

  Diana Waring also pointed out that Leonard Wooley, an archeaologist in the early 1900s, searched for the city of Ur. In his research, he found the city and learned much about the life of the people who lived there. Ur is where Abraham came from and God told him to leave this place and go to the place where He would show him. The people there were very brutal. God was going to make Abraham the Father of many nations. Abraham is the father of the Jewish people today. You can read about Leonard Wooley’s adventures in a book called, Treasures under the Sand, written by Alan Honour. 

   Answers in Genesis carries Diana Waring’s History curriculum, and ICR has many resources and articles on apologetics. Check them out. 


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