Is Being Gay Caused By DNA?

One of the more common beliefs that we hear today concerning homosexuality is that if a person is Gay, that he or she was predisposed to that condition. It is caused by the person’s DNA. There have been tests done to determine if this is so. There were eight major studies done in Australia, the U.S., and Scandinavia in the past two decades. The tests were done on identical twins. Identical twins happen to have the same exact DNA of each other. The tests concluded that homosexuality is not DNA determined. (For more info, go to: ).
On another note, I was listening to a message by a woman counselor who was teaching how to help women who have been raped. It was very interesting to listen to, and one of the things she taught was that (and this was her opinion and observation) when men are Gay, almost always, without exception, they were sexually abused or molested as a child. I am sure that there is truth to this, and it is quite possible for a man to be Gay who has never had such an encounter as a child. But I would imagine that this is generally true.
I know a man who was Gay, and months after he came to know the Lord, God delivered him mightily. He was telling us of his stories when he was a child. He had sexual experiences with boys on camping trips. He had people, when he was at a young age, tell him that he was Gay. He actually believed he was Gay, and lived out his life as if he really was Gay! With God’s help, he didn’t stay Gay, but now is married and has children and grandchildren.
In the article on the Identical Twins Study, a person made a comment that made sense. If being a homosexual is in the genes, then how are the genes passed on, since being Gay results in no offspring?
I’m not saying that being Gay is an easy choice. I just find it interesting that there doesn’t appear to be evidence that people are born Gay. Or at least that it is in the DNA.
Right now, I think the Gay community is countering the Christian culture because of the many attacks from Christians that have taken place. It is similar to the feud between the black people and the white (although people aren’t literally black or white) which started out as black people being treated like animals, then when they were free, they were disadvantaged because they had no education. Then they retaliated and hated the white people, and visa-versa. . It starts off like this; Someone comes out of the closet and announces they are Gay. The Christian freaks out and basically says ‘Don’t get near me’ ‘God will judge you for being Gay’. Or, the Christian might just be distant, not really knowing how to respond to the Gay person. Then there are people like those of Westboro who hold up their signs saying ‘God Hates Fags’. Do we really expect the Gay person to listen to us when we want to share what the Bible says? I don’t know why we would. Now the tables are turned. Instead of defending themselves from what they perceive as our attacks against them, they become the Offense. They are aggressively seeking ways to take over the community and obtain rights for carrying out their acts of immorality. They have the same basic rights as everyone else. They are not a race of people who are being discriminated against. Being Gay is not in the genes! So, how do we work with this situation at the stage it is at now?
The church needs to love the individual Gay person. That doesn’t mean that the church should try to seek membership from that person. I believe that most Gay people are that way because of two things; 1. Things happened in childhood (probably early childhood years) that led them to turn this way. 2. They have believed the lies of Satan who wants to keep them trapped in being Gay. I personally applaud the ministries that are designed to work with the Gay person for him or her to be set free.
We all have been lied to by Satan. This is why we need to know what the Bible really says. For example, one person who commented on the article at the web site above, says that ‘homosexuality is an illness. Jesus even says so’. I can’t think of anywhere in the Bible where it says that, so I asked. I am sure that some attempt at an answer will be there. It is amazing how we think we know the Bible, but what we really know is what we want the Bible to say to us. The Bible tells us to be like the Bereans and study (search out) the Scriptures to see what they tell us. We might end up with an entirely different picture than what we started with.


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