Can They All Be Right At The Same Time?

Think about it. A Muslim goes to be with Allah after he dies. A Christian goes to heaven where Jesus lives. An Atheist doesn’t go anywhere. A Hindu goes into another form of life through reincarnation. The list goes on. Are there different heavens and hells in eternity? If a Christian dies and goes to heaven, in Islam the Christian would go to hell. Can the Christian be in 2 places in eternity? 

  I actually thought I heard one of my school teachers say something like this; ‘Christians go to their heaven, Jewish people go to their heaven, Muslims go to their heaven after they die. Does this make sense? Are there different heavens for people of different religions?

   All the major religions in the world have the same understanding of the sin problem, but they have their own version of how to solve it. Religion is man’s way of trying to reach God. Mormons have their rules for whatever they believe it takes to get into heaven. Catholics have their teachings on what it takes to get to heaven. Basically, in religion, you have to ‘do’ certain things in order to get into heaven. You have to try to be good enough. But what does the Bible say?

    The Bible says that all people have sinned and that they are in serious trouble with God because God is holy and must punish sin. It is impossible for man to become good enough for God to accept. Even if the person only sinned one time in his or her lifetime, that sin would be serious enough for God to have to punish for all eternity. 

   Instead of having people try to be good enough for heaven, God had a better plan. Every person needs to have an atonement for their sins. God provided that atonement when He sent His Son, Jesus, to earth, 2,000 years ago. Jesus came to take our punishment for sins, even though He never had any sin of His own. After He died and was buried, three days later He arose from the grave and is alive today in heaven.

    If Jesus really came to take the punishment for our sins, how does that affect the teachings of Islam? If Islam teaches that you have to do certain things and be good in order to get into heaven, then that means that Jesus died for no reason. Which makes more sense; Having Jesus as your Savior and atonement for your sins, or, trying to be a good Muslim and following the 5 Pillars of Faith with the hopes that Allah will let you into heaven? If Jesus really came and died, then Islam is null and void. 

   Does this make sense? I hope it does. Something to think about.



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