The Bible And Homosexuality – Part 2

  I would like to continue this discussion, but will make any additions concise and zeroing in on one particular aspect of this religion that homosexuals embrace.

  As I look through Mel White’s article, I see many flaws and a lot of wishful thinking. The one I want to talk about today is the one about homosexuality as being an ‘orientation’ that was discovered in the 19th Century. Here is a quote by Mr. White on his thoughts on the validity of homosexuality:

The Bible is completely silent on the issue of homosexual orientation. And no wonder. Homosexual orientation wasn’t even known until the 19th century.

“The discovery that some of us are created and/or shaped in our earliest infancy toward same-gender attraction was made in the last 150 years. Biblical authors knew nothing about sexual orientation. Old Testament authors and Paul assumed all people were created heterosexual, just as they believed the earth was flat,
that there were heavens above and hell below, and that the sun moved up and down.”

  Let’s start with the part of the quote that says that they believed the earth was flat. Really? How do you know that, Mr. White? But, yes, Paul does assume that people were created heterosexual, because, God created them that way! There is no scientific fact that proves that people were created with a particular sexual orientation. Like I said earlier, God is a Designer, and a God of order. A sexual orientation of a man being sexually attracted to men is not an example of God’s design and order. It violates the character of God, and it is not proven scientifically. In fact, research has been done that proves the opposite. If science accurately explains sexual orientation defending homosexuality, then something is wrong with the results of the research that was done on monozygotic twins. Twins that are identical come from the same egg, and have the same exact genetic make-up. If homosexuality is truly caused by genetics (which science would have to say is true) then every case of a set of identical twins would have both of the twins being gay, vs. one being gay and the other straight. That isn’t the case though, and homosexuality, much like the theory of evolution, is not proven to be true scientifically, no matter how much they would like to believe it is.


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