The Bible And Homosexuality

    What does the Bible say about homosexuality, or does it say anything directly or indirectly? This post is geared toward helping Christians to understand the religion of homosexuality, and what the Scriptures say about this subject.

   I just finished reading a book by Mel White called, ‘Stranger at the Gate’ which is his story of his struggle with having strong sexual desires for a man, instead of a woman, and how he ended up resolving these issues by listening to a ‘Christian’ counselor who worked at Fuller Theological Seminary, and by his own study of the Scriptures concerning this subject.

   First of all, you have to understand that Mr. White has theological degrees and has worked with seminaries and also was a ghost writer for Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, and James Dobson, and has worked behind the scenes in many other Christian organizations. Although he never describes anywhere in his book about his relationship with God, through the Cross of Jesus Christ, he has otherwise lived in a ‘Christian’ environment all his life. 

   His story goes like this; he had strong desires for relationships with men instead of women. He felt guilty and prayed many years for God to take the desire away. He felt like God was punishing him for his gay desires because the desire never went away. He expressed much guilt and shame over his dilemma. He even married and had a family, hoping things would change, but the desire for another man was always there.

   He was irritated at the ‘Religious Right’ for taking a stand against homosexuality. According to White, some of the ‘Religious Right’ would like to have exterminated all Gay people. At some point later on in his life, Mel White went to another counselor, and she advised him to live out his life as a Gay man. She told him that he had a sexual ‘orientation’ and that it was decided before he was born. He would never be able to change it. That’s when this man set out to live as a ‘free’ Gay man. The steps that led to his being Gay were never properly dealt with in the church when he was young, and what happened since that time has had some bad ramifications for the cause of Christ and God’s glory.

    Homosexuals have a religious belief system now. It is in place. In a sense, Mel White is the leader of this movement. It was his courage to branch out and establish principals for other Gay/lesbian people to be ‘free’ especially from what he would say, the Christians teaching from the Bible about homosexuality. Homosexuals use Mel White as their mentor. He was the pioneer that took the first steps by taking Scriptures that concern homosexuality, and redefining them, and now encouraging other Gay people to use them the same way. That is why I am writing this blog.

    What are some things Gay people now believe, thanks to Mr. White? Genesis 19 has been redone. Mel White did research and says that this passage has very little to do with homosexuality. He uses other verses from Isaiah and Jeremiah and from Peter and Jude, who make references to Sodom. He claims that Sodom’s sins were selfishness and greed, and that is why God was punishing them, not because they were homosexuals.

   The next verse he talks about comes from Leviticus 18 where God says that a man shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. Well, Mr. White says if this is true, then going to Red Lobster would bring God’s wrath on us as well. These verses don’t apply to us today as they did to the Israelites during that time. They were civil laws. But concerning the one on food; notice that God let a sheet down with some unclean animals that Peter would not eat, but God called them ‘clean’. Now we can eat meats that were once considered unclean because God has made them clean. I don’t see any passages indicating that a relationship between two men has now been made ‘clean’ by God. 

   One of the characteristics of God is that He is a designer. He is also a God of ‘order’. He created man and woman (male and female) to compliment one another. That is a great example of design. A man in a relationship with another man is not an example of design. It is an example of disorder. 

   One of Mr. White’s biggest flaws is much like the flaw of those holding to the theory of evolution. White believes that the Bible ‘predates’ science, and, with all the modern scientific ‘discoveries’ in his mind, science trumps. So, it stands to reason, that with modern psychology/psychiatry, which is based upon human secularism, with man being the foundation and source of all the exists, Mr. White has bought into the modern belief that homosexuality is an orientation that is permanent. This is what he is teaching to those in the Gay community. This is lie that we are going to confront when we try to communicate with Gay people.

   Let’s look at one more thing in the Bible, that Mel White doesn’t seem to address. In the Bible, God created man and woman in the beginning. He commanded them to procreate. There was never a provision for homosexual relationships in the Bible. If you look throughout the Scriptures, both Old Testament and New Testament, the marriage relationship is always made up of a man and woman. In fact, the relationship of a man and a woman in marriage is a type of the relationship between Christ and the church. In the New Testament, much writing is addressed to husbands and wives. It is never addressed to wives and wives, or husbands to husbands. I know Mr. White would say that this is an argument from silence, but I think there is much value in that fact. 

   Do you see this argument of irrationality? I am not proposing that we attack the Gay community or send hate messages to Gay people. God created Gay people, although He didn’t create them to be homosexuals. Mr. White is encouraging the Gay community to take political action, especially against the work of Christians who are trying to teach that marriage consists of one man and one woman. 

   The main flaw I am beginning to see that homosexuals believe in is the belief that the Bible is outdated. Science surpasses the Scriptures. We know better. We know the devil has tricked these people into believing his lies, and to keep them in bondage, away from the truth. We need to pray for these people. They need God’s help and deliverance.

    Also, people in America today tend to believe that if we have desires, and if we pray for them to go away, and they don’t, then it must be God’s will for them to be there. Every Gay person will go this direction unless he or she has faithful Christian friends who will help the person when he struggles. This condition is just as strong as being in  Mormon church or a JW family. It’s not as easy as telling the Gay person to repent. Most of them have tried to repent and change, but it didn’t work. They need the Gospel. They need a Christian friend who will be patient with them through their struggles. They have deep embedded lies that need to come out. It’s not enough for them to know that these beliefs are lies. They feel guilt because they can’t change. They need to know that they need Someone to rescue them from their sins. Only one person can do that, and we need to introduce them to Him.

   We need to learn how to defend the Gospel and also what the Bible says about homosexuality. Go to Mel White’s page and see how he is thinking. Research God’s word even further after reading what homosexuals believe about God and sin. Realize that today, homosexuality is more than a same-sex attraction. It has become a religion as well, with a different God and a different Gospel. Here is the url for Mel White’s page:



  1. Ernst van der Merwe said,

    July 16, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    Gay-ness to my understanding is not a biological condition, it is a spiritual condition. That is why Gay men can procreate….but they lust after men because of sin. We all sin and are equally guilty before God…but because of their sexual orientation they cannot officiate in the body of Christ, because the leadership of a church must serve as an example. Homosexuality is a spiritual condition inflicted by Satan, just as he is set to upset God’s creation in other respects too, like freedom of choice / abortion etc etc. I feel sorry for homosexuals and girls having to resort to abortion….but I can never condone it !

  2. awestruck09 said,

    July 16, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    Very well said. I too, feel compassion for them, and at the same time, wish for each one to be set free and to see the truth of God’s word. They are caught in Satan’s lies and will stay there unless God sets them free. That is what we pray for.

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