Science is a Religion

   A few weeks ago, there was a debate between Bill Nye (the Science Guy) and Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis), which proved to be interesting, as debates usually are. 

   All people are interpreters. Each one of us individually interprets whatever we see or hear. Both Creationist and Atheists have the same facts. Just different interpretations of those facts. For example, we can look at fossils and say that they prove evolution is true. But we can look at fossils and also say that they prove that there was a global flood many years ago. No human being was able to observe the evolutionary process going on that produced the fossil, neither was there any human beings today that were there during the flood, although we do have written accounts of the global flood.

  Fossils do not prove evolution as being valid. Fossils fit into a theory that is plausible relating to evolution, but that doesn’t prove evolution really caused the fossil to exist. 

   But if you listen to Bill Nye, you would think fossils prove evolution. That’s because his interpretation of the facts is being promoted as reality. He interprets the fact (the fossil) by using his theory (geology table-many layers meaning time) as if it were fact. You have to have faith to believe that the fossil really is as old as evolutionists believe it is.

  The same explanation of the fossil can be given by Creationists. Fossils could have been embedded during the flood and because of the nature of a flood, it is also possible to create different layers. It is a matter of your choosing how you want to interpret the fossil.

  Here is a quote from Bill Nye: “I say to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution and live in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that’s fine. But don’t make your kids do it.” He even has an online video called ‘Creationism is Not Appropriate for Children’. Really, Bill Nye? Are you for real? 

  You see again here that Science really is a religion. It’s features have migrated to other categories and people today are looking for ‘proof’ for everything they learn. I am certainly not against having proof for things, but, Science is not proving very many things today, yet they (those who trust in Science) say that it is. Everyone starts with the same data. We can look around us and see a world filled with grass, trees, rain, dirt, objects built by human beings, etc., but no one has ever observed evolution taking place. No one. It is not observed science. This is where their ‘faith’ comes in. They have to believe it is true and the theories that evolution is built upon. You see, it isn’t just evolution that is a theory (and it is still only a theory). Evolution is based upon other theories as well. One of the theories is the geological table (uniformitarianism). 

   Here is the first two paragraphs of an article called, ‘Table of Geological Periods‘. 

   “It is generally assumed that planets are formed by the accretion of gas and dust in a cosmic cloud, but there is no way of estimating the length of this process. Our Earth acquired its present size, more or less, between 4 billion and 5 billion years ago. Life on Earth originated about 2 billion years ago, but there are no good fossil remains from periods earlier than the Cambrian, which began about 490 million years ago.                                                                                                                                                                           The known geological history of Earth since the Precambrian Time is subdivided into three eras, each of which includes a number of periods. They, in turn, are subdivided into epochs and stage ages. In an epoch, a certain section may be especially well known because of rich fossil finds.”                                                                                                                                                               Read more: Table of Geological Periods |

   Well, I find it interesting to note that the Earth acquired its present size between 4 billion and 5 billion years ago. How do we know? Probably by another theory that we are trusting in. By the way, carbon 14 dating is fallible, in case you didn’t know that. Everything in the above paragraphs is just speculation presented as fact. No one will think to question it though, because we just assume people know what they are talking about. It doesn’t even enter our minds to question it. Many don’t want to question it because they want to believe it is true and searching for a truthful answer may produce unwanted results.

There are two ways to look at Science. One is through ‘observable Science’ and the other is through ‘historical Science’. An example of observable Science would be to watch a pregnant woman going through the whole gestation period and the labor/delivery process. We can see that with our eyes and take notes. Plus, today we have equipment which helps us to look inside at the developing baby. That is observable Science. Historical Science would be the area of science where we take data and put an interpretation with it. An example of historical Science would be categorized as a theory, such as ‘human beings evolved from apes.’. 

  Both Creationism and Evolution would be in the category of Historical Science. Is it easier to believe in Intelligent Design or Evolution? Both would take en element of faith to believe in. Realistically, if one is reluctant to believe in Creation, he or she will look for ways to defend and promote evolution. 

   Science today is not only a subject taught in schools. Science today differs somewhat from Science in the past as many in this field are trained to find ‘proof’ for everything around them that exists today. Science has always had its challenges though, as established beliefs seemed threatened when a new discovery was made (such as the geocentric vs. heliocentric theories came about). More evidence has come about because of technology, but, even with that, much speculation is still considered as valid facts rather than just speculation. That is what much of Science is based upon today. That is why Science is a religion. 

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