Muslims Are Teaching Their People That Jesus Is Not God

I just have a quick post today, and it concerns the thinking of the Muslims when it comes to the deity of Christ. I am in a group dealing with Christians and Muslims having discussions (reasoning from the Scriptures maybe?) and they are firm on their belief that Jesus never said He was God. My question for you and for me, is, are we ready to answer this claim? Do we have a good enough understanding of the Scriptures to know the truth about what Jesus said about Himself? Can we come up with other Scriptures as well to help people understand the deity of Christ and why it is important.
I will visit this later on, but, for now, I am saving each email that comes in with a claim about the reasons why Jesus is not God. The research we do will not only help us with Muslims, but will help us with other groups such as Jehovah’s Witnesses and even some ‘Christian’ groups (I heard a clip of Kenneth Copeland speaking and he said in the clip, the same thing; Jesus never claimed to be God).
Also, I want my readers to know that this is not overwhelming and it is not going to be too hard to refute this false teaching. But it will take work and study to learn the Scriptures and to understand where they are coming from, and taking into consideration their lack of understanding the whole content of Scriptures vs. just understanding one Scripture taken out of context. (Example: Jesus never said He was God because when the rich young ruler asked Him what he could do to inherit heaven, Jesus asked the young ruler why he called Jesus ‘good’ and they went on to say that Jesus said only God is good, therefore Jesus was saying He was not God).
Are you skilled enough in the Scriptures to refute this belief system? If not, do you see the gravity of this situation? If we don’t stand up for the truth and defend it, evil will take over. It’s just the way things are on this side of eternity, living in a fallen world. If we are apathetic toward the things of God, evil will prevail. The way we refute evil and heresy, is with the truth. But we have to know the truth before we can refute the lies. Can we do this? How important is this issue to us?


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