History Attests To The Authenticity Of The Bible

I am reading a book by Ruth Beechick called, “Genesis; Finding Our Roots” which gives much details of Historical findings which relate to Biblical History.

The people who are of the Miao culture, for example, recite their genealogy all the way back to Adam.
The Chinese were very religious people many, many years ago. They believed in one supreme God, who was creator of all. They also practiced giving ‘border sacrifices’ which was a similar practice to one that Adam practiced after being kicked out of the Garden.
Chinese Bible History http://amaic-abraham.blogspot.com/2012/10/ancient-chinese-history-in-light-of.html

Go about 1/4 of the way down on this page, and you can see some wonderful information on the Miao culture and how they have preserved the information they originally received concerning the Flood and beginning of time.

Here is an excerpt from that page that you might find interesting:

“How do the Miao know that?

Like the Chinese, the Miao are yet another ancient nation that remembers some of their earliest patriarchs. Not just that, but they possess surprisingly accurate recollections of the Creation, the Flood, and even of the Tower of Babel and its confusion of languages! Many of the finer details of their accounts coincide almost identically with the Biblical record in Moses’ Book of Genesis.

They were found to already possess this knowledge in the form of ancient couplets, when they for the first time encountered Western missionaries. The oral traditions in which the descent of the Miao was preserved, owe their purity to the fact that they have been recited faithfully and in full at funerals, weddings, and other public occasions for thousands of years, since time immemorial. Thus they are able to reproduce the earliest names of their primogenitors.

Now here’s the corker! They coincide not only accurately with the Hebrew Bible, but also clear up mythical details of the earliest, mystifying Chinese mythology.”

I could write a lot from the Ruth Beechick book, but for now, I will just leave this nugget that I had found in her book. She points out this same thing as the article above. The Miao culture has preserved much of the original events as recorded in the History of Israel.

People complain and say that the Bible is taken from mythology. I am not sure how this is supposed to work, but, if the Bible is true, then God created the world way before mythology was even invented. Plus, there is a thought that much of our mythology is actually rooted in events that really did happen. There is much embellishing going on in mythology, and we can’t conclude truth from mythological stories, but there is more to this than we understand.

For example, there is the thought that mythology actually started in Genesis 6, when the ‘sons of God’ had sexual relations with women, and the women bore children who were different than normal human beings. Could these children have been what was described in mythology as these ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ that are portrayed in the mythological writings?

I know this brings up a lot of questions and speculation, nevertheless, it is a possibility for the strange stories we read about when we read the old mythological writings. That too, corresponds with the validity of the Scriptures, and ties in with the Biblical story of God’s redemption of mankind through the promised One He would one day send to earth.


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