Are People Getting Progressively Better?

Evolutionists tend to think that ‘man is the measure of all things’ and that man is progressively getting better as time goes on. Man started out as a blob, then progressed to a more sophisticated being and is continually becoming more and more developed. This, of course, can only work because of the theory of ‘billions of years’ and ‘natural selection’. I guess, according to their theory, one day man would be perfected as he continues to develop. This will affect society as well because as man develops more, he will be able to be more civilized. But, as you can easily see, this thinking is also flawed, like the rest of the theories the evolution requires to make the theory work.

I was watching a Youtube video done by a man who says he was a Christian at one time, but changed his mind and now is an atheist. Some of his points were very interesting. After watching this video, however, I was not convinced to be an atheist, nor did I change my mind on what I believe in based on the word of God.

One of the points he made was that people, in the area of civilization, are getting better. He showed some pictures of people who were trying to make peace. He compared it with recent History and History of the past, making his point clear. However, I failed to see how people are progressively getting better and more civilized.

If we go back to true History as we know it, God created Adam and then Eve. They were not created sinful, but listened to the voice of the devil and sold the human race into the slavery of sin. We are so deceived into thinking that there is nothing wrong with sin (except of course, when someone sins against us!). The Bible explains that we are blinded by our sin. We are also blind to the need for salvation. The Gospel message does not make sense to us apart from God revealing to us our need for a Savior.

Not too long after Adam and Eve sinned, the world began to feel the effects of the fall. People groups were now fighting against each other (read the book of Genesis for more information on this). Many died in battles. Many refused to repent from their sins and God eventually destroyed mankind, with the exception of Noah, his wife, their three sons, and their wives. The Bible says in Genesis 6, that man was so wicked that he was inventing ways of wickedness. I would have hated to live on earth then. No one wanted to turn to God though, which was interesting. That is one of the results of the fall of mankind. Man does not want God. He wants to rule his own life apart from God.

So, the world hit a peak of wickedness in Genesis 6, which required God to destroy everyone who was alive at that time. You would think that people would remember what happened during the Flood, but not too long after that, people deviated from God again and went right back to practicing the things that people practiced who were destroyed in the Flood!

Then we go through History and see many horrible things happening. Many were destroyed by Roman authority. As History continues, cruel rulers and conquerors came about. The most recent tragedy was of course, when Hitler was in power. He destroyed 6 million+ people. That was tragic. But are people actually learning from these events and changing for the better?

There is a lot of fighting going on around the world today. Even with peace treaties and negotiations, the world really is not getting any better. All you have to do is to watch the news and see what is going on.

Today we have school shootings. We have buildings and buses that are being bombed. It is not safe to go anywhere today, for we don’t know who will show up in our presence and what they will demand of us.

Crime is at an all-time high. Every day, people go to court because they are called to do jury duty. We need people to do jury duty because there are so many criminals around.

Most murderers are never caught and some continually go around murdering more people. People are on drugs because someone deceived them and got them hooked, so guess what the person has to do once he is addicted? He or she either has to become a drug pusher himself or get involved in crime in order to pay for their drug habit. Jails are filled with people today. Many are on death row.

Have you ever gone down the street in a section of town where a large university is? Very few keep the speed limit. In fact, sometimes, people drag race at night. Emergency vehicles can be heard often if you live in a town near a college or university.

Then there is the pornography business. There’s the Black Market which is known to its users. There is something called the ‘Sex Slave Trade’ even in this country! Women get raped every day right here in the U.S.A.

Did you know that the number of girls who have been sexually abused is very high. What is more amazing is that the sexual abuse is done by the father, or a close male relative, in many cases.

Does it look like our civilization is getting better? Evolutionists would say that people are progressively getting better. They believe that human beings sprang up originally thousands of years ago. They also believe that as time goes on, people become more developed. Darwin believed that black people are not as developed as white people are. He also believed that women are not as developed as men. So, I guess, according to him, if you are a black woman, you are not very well developed.

As you can see the absurdity in this way of thinking, consider the fact that the Bible makes more sense than any evolutionary thinking based upon men and women who are trying hard to find any evidence, true or false, to fit their theory and make it plausible. The only reason the Bible doesn’t make sense to some people is because they don’t want it to. “Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools”. I couldn’t agree with this more.


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