This page is dedicated to give reasons for the Hope that is in those of us who have been born again by the Spirit of God. When a person comes to Christ, he or she is a new creature. The Bible talks about having the mind of Christ, and renewing our minds with the Word of God (Scriptures). The difference between an unregenerate person and one who is regenerated results in having different world views. For a Christian, the Word of God is illuminated to him or her, and it makes sense to the reader. The person who hasn’t come to Christ yet, is blinded to God’s Word. It’s doesn’t make sense to the lost person and they don’t have eyes to see with.

Many are searching for the Truth. Some turn away from the Truth though, as soon as they hear it, because it is hard to hear. I am writing this blog with the hope that it will help those who are searching for the Truth. I pray that many will find it, and will be willing to own it, at all costs. The Bible says that we will find God only when we search for Him with all our hearts. May everything written here serve you in your search for the Truth.


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  1. Susan Seifert said,

    October 28, 2009 at 2:39 am

    This web blog is dedicated to unite Christians in their faith, and the cause of Christ, to learn to defend the faith. We are living in a time, much like in the day of Athanasius, that our faith is being challenged at every turn. The sad part is that either we don’t realize this, or we really don’t care. We don’t understand what is at stake. The Bible tells us to earnestly contend for the faith. Why do we have to do this? If God is big enough to care for the world, why can’t we just let Him take care of this deficiency? The Bible tells us that the world is in darkness. Men and women can’t see where they are going, spiritually speaking. We need to be informed and bring light to the world. The light of the truth of the Gospel is what we need to have for people to be set free from sin and deception. Millions are on their way to an eternity of torture that will never end and don’t know it. Let’s study together and learn how to reason from the Scriptures with a lost and dying world. Let’s pray that we will know God in a clearer way and will be able to make His name known in truth. Let’s be faithful in teaching people the ‘fear of the Lord’ so they can depart of evil and turn to Him.

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