Married Couples Are Always Made Up As One Man And One Woman

Today, many in our culture would like to refine what the Bible says about sexual issues. They give reasons why the Bible is outdated and God changed His mind about the things He commanded in the Old Testament. Do you think that is true?

The Bible says that God never changes. That doesn’t mean things don’t change around us, but the basic principles of life don’t change. We have technology today that we didn’t have 200 years ago. We have modern ways of exploring sin and new ways of killing people, but that doesn’t make sin right. God will always punish sin.

In the beginning, God made the first man, then He made a woman to be the man’s mate. They were to marry and have children. God is a God of order and design. He designed the man’s body and the woman’s body to work together and produce children. God commanded animals and people to reproduce. He told them to be fruitful and multiply. That is why we have lots of people on earth today.

This is what usually happens in life. When a boy grows up to be a man, he usually looks for a companion, and that companion is a woman. A man and a woman get married and grow in their love for each other. Many times, God blesses families with children. Children can only come from a male parent and a female parent. Two males together cannot make a baby. Two females together cannot make a baby either. It has to be a male and female.

If you ever had hamsters, you can put a male and a female together for about 4 days, and within a couple of weeks, you will have baby hamsters. That is part of God’s design.

Throughout the Bible, you won’t see any examples of a man being married to a man, or a woman being married to a woman. God gives instructions to married people and He gives specific instructions to husbands and to wives. Husbands are always males, and wives are always females. They have different roles and were designed differently. They were created to compliment each other.

The rules that God gives against immorality are still in effect today. Jesus says that if you lust after another person, you have committed adultery in your heart. You don’t even have to be married to commit adultery! So, just as it is wrong for men to live with men in the same way they would with a woman in marriage, any sexual relationships outside of marriage are still forbidden. But God wants people to be married. Not everyone is called to be married, but most people are.

So, next time you hear someone say that God created him to be a homosexual, remember that this person doesn’t understand what the Bible says, nor does he fear God. God does not create people to be homosexuals, but God does provide help for people who want to be free from homosexual desires. If you are old enough to read through some material, and are struggling with this, here is a web site that could help:

Which car is not following God's order?

Which car is not following God’s order?


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