The Flashlight Fish

One of many, many fascinating things God created was the ‘Flashlight Fish’. The flashlight fish live in the deep ocean floors of the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Red Sea. They are nocturnal and hide in caves during the day, while at night, they search for food.

These fish have flashlights on them to help them see in the dark, deep waters of the ocean. Other uses for their flashlights are to attract small prey, and communicate with other flashlight fish.

God made all creatures, big and small, with all the parts necessary for them to survive. Some people would say that human beings have what is called ‘vestigial’ organs, or, useless body parts. What they don’t understand though, is that these organs really do have a function, and some of their functions have been recently discovered!

God is a God of design and order. Every animal, plant and human being is perfectly designed to function the way God intends for them to. God designed them when He first created them, and made each one with the exact parts they needed to have.

The flashlight fish was designed to serve the exact purpose it was made to function in. Everything about this fish will be used in God’s economy. It was placed in the exact kind of environment for it to live and survive.

Flashlight fish have a symbiotic relationship with a certain kind of bacteria which helps the light from the fish’s flashlight to work. The glowing bacteria also need the flashlight fish to survive. The fish and the bacteria help each other to live.

So, whether we are looking through a telescope at objects in outer space, or looking through a microscope to see extremely small life, and everything in between, God made it all.

Animals that live in the sea were created on Day #5 of creation. Birds were also created on that day. Land animals and human beings were created on Day #6.


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