Scientific Apologetics

Since science is so important to people who believe in evolution, it is important to remember that God created science in the first place. God is bigger than science and is glorified through science, when science is properly understood. Despite the claims of evolutionists, science does not disprove God. Evolution is not a proven fact, it is only a theory. Science and the Bible do not contradict one another. Some of the reasons for people believing these things, is because they have an understanding of everything having to be proven in order to be true. There are some things you can’t prove in a science lab (like emotions, thoughts, etc), but even in the thought of trying to ‘prove’ God’s existence, it can’t be done in a science lab. It doesn’t have to be either. God is in the spiritual realm, a realm very different than the physical realm we live in. God has already proven Himself by the Creation. It is up to man to respond to that truth or deny it. The Bible says that ‘men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil’. People do not want to be in the light, generally speaking. If being in the light shows God’s existence, and if God really does exist, not only are we in trouble, but we will have to give account of our cherished sinful lifestyles. God’s existence will require us to repent, and look for a way to have our sins atoned for. We can’t want to have our sins atoned for, and continue in our sin, at the same time. It has to be one or the other. Either God exists, and I need to repent and be saved (which will result in my being free from sin and living a new lifestyle pleasing to God), or, God doesn’t exist, and I can keep living my self centered sinful life without Him. But if I believe God doesn’t exist, and I continue to live as if He doesn’t, if He really does exist and I have to give account to Him, I will have lost everything. My eternity will be spent in hell, forever, with no way out.

God does not have to prove Himself to anyone. He already has done that. If 99.9% of the people want to believe that God doesn’t exist and that we can do whatever we want, then 99.9% of the people will go to hell for eternity. What we forget (or ignore) is that God is all-powerful, and He gets to call the shots. He created people to glorify Him with. Every person was created to live out his or her life for God’s glory, not their own. Some might call this manipulation. It would be manipulation if one human being did that to another. But it was God who created us in the first place. Did we ask to be born? Of course not. The reason people don’t understand this concept is because they don’t understand God in His holiness and power, and, man in his sinfulness and selfishness. Selfishness is like idolatry. The person loves himself/herself more than he or she loves God. That is the big struggle we all have. But God is love, and what He has planned for people is way better than anything we could plan or desire for ourselves.

Here is a web page that uses the Bible to understand science principles that were in the Bible before science even discovered them. Remember, Our understanding of science is always developing  and making new discoveries while God’s word is eternal (and can be trusted) .


Some modern scientists who have accepted the biblical account of creation



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