Current Event Evolutionary Musings

   I am always amazed at how anyone can make a statement and the listeners just assume that it is based on truth. Sometimes, people do say things based on truth, but many times, what we hear are statements that are based on lies. One of those lies is evolution. 

   Evolution is now mandatory to teach in our school systems. We laugh at how silly it is, but you would be surprised of the people who just accept it as reality. If you think it through, even though it is a plausible theory, it really is full of holes. Like one person said, (or many have said this) ‘It takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does in believing in Creation.

   A couple of years ago, I received a postcard in the mail, advertising a hotel deep in the mountains. On the front there was a caption which read, ‘Billions of years on the making’. People just assume that the area where this hotel was, was in the making for a really long period of time. I wonder if anyone who saw that caption would challenge it? Or would it just sink into our subconscious mind only to come out at a later date?

  I was reading an article on wheat the other day. The article began by saying how wheat has been growing for millions of years, but has undergone changes within the past couple of hundred years. But the one that strikes me the most that I heard this week was from a contestant on Jeopardy. If you ever watch Jeopardy, they start the game right at 7 pm. It goes on for around 10 minutes, then they take a break. After that, each contestant is introduced. Usually, there is an interesting fact that is presented with each contestant. A couple of nights ago, a contestant was being introduced, and her interesting feature was that she discovered that she was 3% Neanderthal. The host went on to ask her how that was determined. The woman really didn’t know, but said that it had to do with genetic markers. Whatever kind of test was done, it helped her to determine where the place was that her ancestors originated from. I think this one tops all of the ridiculous evolutionary statements that I have heard lately.

   We take what people say, and we don’t bother to check to make sure that what they say is accurate. The hotel on the postcard has no evidence that the area it is situated in is billions of years old. The author of the wheat article has no evidence that wheat has been in existence for past millions of years. And the Jeopardy contestant has no proof of having Neanderthal ancestry. Those things are just speculation presented as truth. They are assumed as true because they were taught that the theory of evolution is true. If evolution is true, then all these things are possibilities. But evolution is just a theory. It has been put in place by authority figures who don’t want to acknowledge God. And we just assume that they know what they are talking about! 

   “Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools.” 


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