How We Used To Think And How We Think Today

It is important to know how people think in order to be able to communicate the Gospel message to them. In order to understand people, we have to understand what our culture thinks, and why it thinks that way.

I am reading a book by Walt Mueller called, ‘Engaging The Soul of Youth Culture’. The author explains how we used to think, how we thought more recently, and how we think today, although the way we think today is changing.

From the beginning of time, societies always recognized some kind of deity, and that deity was the center of the belief system of the people. They knew, even if it were a wrong deity they believed in, that there was something bigger than they were. But with the dawn of scientific discoveries and technology, that thinking became displaced.

From the 1700s until the 1960s, the period called ‘The Enlightenment’ began. This is the time in History where science replaced religion and man replaced God. It was out of this thinking that the conclusion ‘Man is the measure of all things’ was birthed. All the answers to life’s problems were going to be solved by knowledge. We would finally have peace and prosperity. Or was that an illusion?

It was during the 1960s, when another way of thinking arose. The thinkers of this day figured out that this ‘Enlightenment’ was just an illusion. It did not bring what was promised. It brought about just the opposite.

Here is an excerpt from the book. Keep in mind this book was published in 2006, and we are beginning to see the reflections of how people are now viewing this ‘modern’ thinking.

” Crime was on the increase. Conflict and war raged on virtually every continent….Pollution filled the skies and rivers.” Then there is a quote from Alan J. Roxburgh, which says “In spite of real advances in medicine and convenience, people now sense that technology and progress have given us a society of useless products, deforested countryside, polluted water, extinct species, and fragmented social structures.”

What is interesting is that the Enlightenment did not bring what was promised. What a world of hate we live in today. With all our so called medical advances, the earth is filled with people who are very unhealthy and diseases that have no cures.

Everything we thought would happen didn’t. Man was the measure of all things. I guess this is the result of a world where man is the top dog and calls the shots.

It is so well evidenced that when man is in control, things get really bad. This always goes back to what the Bible says. It is only when God is in control and we respond to Him in obedience and faith, that we will have true peace and prosperity.

The answers to the world’s problems do not reside in man. The answers to the world’s problems lie in God and our knowledge of Him and our acknowledgement of who He is and who He has told us He is through His word.

When man tries to play God, it is never a good thing. Man tries to steal the power that rightfully and only belongs to God. It will never work. It was never intended to work.


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